Spiritually Empowering Entrepreneurs

“I Wished To Live Deliberately, To Front Only The Essential Facts of Life, And See If I Could Learn What It Had To Teach, And Not, When I Came To Die, Discover That I Had Not Lived"
~ Henry David Thoreau


You want to do great things in this world. You grasp that work takes up a good chunk of your days so what you do matters.  You are intent on living on purpose, with passion and - equally important - in a sacred way.  But something keeps holding you back, your intentions continually fall short.  

We instinctively search for our purpose, where we fit in the world, tapping into something bigger than ourselves. There is no doubt we live in challenging times. Where once our jobs and churches filled a sense of purpose, we live in a reality of feeling disconnected and out of step with the pace of technology. Depression is commonplace. We have to become intentional in creating a new sense of purpose. We can’t count on anyone coming to save us. It is up to us. It is doubtful any of us want to be remembered for building a company but rather we want to make an impact, to leave evidence that we were here, that we were alive and showing up with an agenda to create something that gave a group of people a platform to pursue purpose.”
— Delisa Toole

Do you feel:

  • Do you feel like you are never quite enough?
  • Do you fear that this is all there is?  A deep sense of being separated - aloneness.
  • Do you feel loved and celebrated for who you trully are?
  • Do your thoughts demean and bully you into submission?
  • Do you crave for someone to come and save you - make it all go away, it's too complicated to fix?
  • Do you feel good about the spiritual side of your life?
  • Do you wish you had a mentor - to guide you down a proven path to to a better version of you? 

If so, you're not alone.  All of us have felt this way. 

I Am Delisa ...

For over 34 years I created amazing places for people exploring the spiritual side of life, serving as a pastor and spiritual mentor. I felt incredibly blessed. Working with people to change their lives was an incredible honor, I felt right in the center of a purpose filled, passion centered life. 

And then it all changed.  In the midst of a tremendous season of loss, I feel I woke up in an Absence of Life Experience, questioning every thing I knew to be true in my world.   

I embarked on navigating the incredible opportunity to embrace resilience and defy mediocrity.   

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Providing A Modern Approach to Spirituality

There are two questions I find we are consistently processing,  "What is it you want to happen?" and "What do I do next?" I believe there is a spiritual disconnect driving this unsettledness. The lack of clarity as to what you want out of life can often be traced back to the soul.  Clarity is rooted in what you know to be true about you, your purpose, why you are on this earth.  You know the ambiguity robs you of the results you really want and ransacks your business pursuits.  Perhaps your life dream lured you with it's promise of freedom but now you feel a slave to what you know deep down inside is a broken model.  Let's Fix It!  Your Creator has an opinion about how you show up in the world and what you pour your efforts into.  Let's connect the dots between the spiritual side of things and your business and life.  After all, where there is no vision, you suffer.