Brutal Honesty

Back in 2012, I went through a season of life, where my thoughts turned scary.  The places my mind would take me seemed profoundly strange.  My thoughts left me feeling alone, with a deep sense of loss.  Yet, nothing in my life had changed on the exterior.  I came across a book by Byron Katie, “Loving What Is”.  Her writings opened up a whole new world to me.  A world that proved to serve me very well.  Little did I know that things were about to change big time, that indeed I would be alone and would experience loss.  But, I knew I had been gently led to Bryon’s writings, and had somewhat of a process to navigate where my thoughts would take me.  I knew to sincerely ask, Is it true?  Can you know absolutely for sure that it is true? I needed the brutal honesty.  My Source knew this and had given me the precious gifts of Katie’s writing in anticipation of the journey ahead.