A S.A.C.R.E.D. Way To Creating A Future You'll Love

I am Delisa. 

What I did for the first 30 years of my adult life, was create spiritual places for people to encounter life change.  Places for seekers.  We labeled these places churches. I felt deeply that the church was the hope of the world, a place of comfort and community to a large group of people, and then one day I walked away from the church.

In 2013, my life came crashing to a halt.  After the loss of my marriage, my home, my livelihood, my connection to that comfort and community, I was left feeling I had lost my very identity. I would hear that "we create our own reality" and would be flooded with confused emotion.  How could being the victim of betrayal and consequent loss be of my own creation? The slate of years of beliefs and treasures held dear was wiped clean. 

Why The Sacred Agency? As I went about the work of rebuilding my life, I had to find a job!  I went to work for a company as a Business Coach. I spent 4-5 hours a day on calls with hundreds of Small Business owners, planning new business launches, designing marketing plans and accessing systems needed to grow sales and save time.  I began to notice a trend. So many business owners really had no idea what they wanted to happen in their business.  It is difficult to make strategic moves without knowing where you want to land. Entrepreneurs would share how they had signed up for all of these online programs that they never completed or perhaps the programs failed way short on delivering what they promised.  They would struggle to write content because they really had never found their voice that resonated with their clients.  They would attend the circuit of conferences and realize the execution fizzled.  The need for generating leads kept them awake at night.  For me, the worst to witness were those that just seemed to be drowning in the tsunami of technology advancing.  In all the complicated, insanely busy, demand for decisions, life of these sweet souls one thing seemed consistent. There was an underlying lack of clear purpose that was obvious. 

It seemed so much of these land mines were being navigated from a mindset of isolation and no sense of why they were here.  Did they know that God (Source, Universe, Higher Power, insert your name for Deity) wants to be in the middle of all this complication with you?  

I love the independence of pursuing our own way of building dreams.  I crave the adrenaline rush that surges through our veins when a good idea is working. I knew I had to pour my life into a new direction, creating a place that gave power to your purpose.

I am really good at listening, at catching a glimpse of what you want to become.  Once I have that picture in my mind, I ask really good questions, the kind of questions that help you determine what it is you really want to happen next.  I can help you see that Marketing Plans begin first with knowing Who You Are.  I See You, see you living your dream. I See You articulating your purpose, fueling your passions. I See You executing on the things that motivate you.  I See You breaking through the habits that shut down your business growth.  I see you strategically navigating the technology gap. I See You creating things people love.  

The Sacred Agency exists to challenge your thoughts of separating the spiritual side of things from the business side of things. Your pursuits can be transformed on a proven path to a clear purpose, I like to call it The Sacred Way.