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This Is Not …
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What This Is …
The Sacred Agency offering you something of high value,
Our gift to you because we want to help you be better at self awareness.
A tool that allows you to see deeper inside what brings you meaning in life,
A tool that helps you spot your weaknesses to abandon,
A tool that empowers Self Awareness of your strengths to quad down on.
A proven tool that changes lives.


You Are Wasting The Chance
of a Lifetime ...

if you are not intentionally creating a future you know you will love, you will end up with a future you hate. Increase your self-awareness: how you react to conflict, what drives and motivates you, what causes stress in your life and how you address obstacles that arise and make decisions.

Tackle Who You Were Meant To Become

A couple of million people have walked this same path to greater Self Awareness. Take the 15-minute DISC test to better understand your personality and behavioral style. The DISC assessment examines how an individual ranks in four areas of behavior — dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. 

Personally, the DISC was the single most influential tool in my pursuit of Self Awareness. I lived most of my adult life gladly placing myself in scenarios where I worked to make others successful at the sacrifice of my own desires and dreams. There was a sacred part of me that knew I was placed on earth with a different mission to accomplish, a personal mission that would give dignity to my dreams and tap into a higher potential. The DISC showed me I was a high 'D' but yet fleshing out in the low range of Dominance.  It also unveiled I was a high 'I' yet shrinking in inserting my influence. Imagine the lost opportunity this reflects. I am now carving out a space dedicated to humanity waking up to their birthright and responsibility as Sacred Beings.

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Intriguing people are self aware and boldly living it.
— Delisa Toole

Photo by  Radu Marcusu  on  Unsplash

Origin of the DISC

This DISC is the most contemporary interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s groundbreaking work into understanding and measuring a person’s natural behavioral style. Dr. William Marston, a physiological psychologist, shared his theory in his book Emotions of Normal People, published in 1928. He did not create an assessment instrument from his theory. However, based on his model, others have created DISC assessments. That's why you might discover other DISC tests in the marketplace.