You Are Most Powerful When ...

You Are Most Powerful When ...
  • You see the world as a friendly place where good things can happen. You are not naive, but when you think of all the possible outcomes, your mind naturally goes to the best of all possibilities.
  • You are excited to discover new things, to experience new things, and you know this will happen only if you take the first step.  You have a strong bias for action. 
  • You don't neglect the need to learn and gather information--you are an explorer at heart, you like learning new things. It's more that you believe that action is the very best way to learn. What is around the next corner? The only way to know for sure is to walk around the next corner.
  • Ambiguity? Uncertainty? Risk? None of these bothers you too much. You are comfortable with gaps in your knowledge, with an incomplete set of facts, because, with your optimistic mindset, you tend to fill in the gaps with positives.
  • You love beginnings. At the start, as you imagine where events might take you, you feel the excitement ripple through you, sharp impulses, nudging, pushing, impelling you to act.
  • As you move off the beaten path you are fully aware that you will meet obstacles, but, for you, these obstacles are part of the fun, a sure sign that you are going where none have gone before you. In a strange way, obstacles actually invigorate you.
  • You move, move, move. Your life is about forward motion and momentum. You are therefore dismissive of anything that slows you down. Negative attitudes, complaining, inefficient rules or processes--you jettison all of these quickly and keep moving forward. On your journey you travel light.
  • For you, new is fun. New is unknown, and the unknown challenges the status quo and shows you different avenues forward. You read deeply within and around your subject so that you can be the first to encounter new techniques, trends and technologies.
  • You are clearly on a mission of discovery, others want to join you on it. Who knows what we might find, and who might benefit?

~ Powered by Stand Out Assessment from Marcus Buckingham