Talking To Flowers

Talking To Flowers

I have paraphrased the words of Dr. George Washington Carver, captured by Glenn Clark in the book, The Man Who Talks With The Flowers.

But first, a refresher on Dr. Carver. He was a botanist and one of the most prominent scientists and inventors of his time. Carver devised over 100 products using one major crop, the peanut.

Clark wanted to know the relationship Carver had with nature, to learn the secret of his power in talking to the flowers and letting the flowers talk to him

Carver replied, "How do I talk to a little flower? Through it (the flower), I talk to the Sacred. And what is the Sacred? It is that silent small force. It is not a outer physical contact. The Sacred is not confined in the invisible world. It is not in the earthquake, the wind or fire. It is that still small voice that calls up the fairies. (You gotta a love a story with fairies) These are not just words. I refer to the unseen Spirit that defies the power of human reproduction, that challenge the power of human expression. Try to express IT can't be done. Yet, when you look out upon the beautiful world there it is. When you look into the heart of a rose there you experience it. But you can't explain it.  You can try to puzzle it out but the longer you puzzle the worse it gets - the further you are from the Truth. 

There are certain things, often very little things, like the little peanut, the little piece of clay, the little flower that cause you to look within - and then it is that you see into the soul of things. You have heard the eye is the window to the soul.  The soul cannot be measured out.  The soul is Sacred. The soul is all that we have that is worth living for - all that we have. You take that away and we become worse than the beasts of the field. But a thing that is incarnate with the life of the soul - like a little flower - you can reach out and look into and suddenly find that you are taking hold of the things that lift you up and carry you along and make people love you and give you the joy of life and joy of living and the joy of having come into the place of the Sacred. 

Photo by Tavin Dotson on Unsplash