Creating a Future ...

Creating a Future ...

I have a favorite boutique grocery that is one of my favorite places to frequent. I love starting some days with a ice tea and scone from the boulengerie. One early morning I popped by the store, when it seemed the store was just wiping the sleep out of its aisles. It seemed I was the only one in the store this early.

I was greeted by the usual sweet ladies, who serve up these calories with absolute delight. These employees seem to be in the latter years of their career and are always friendly with the regulars.

I had made my purchase and had moved over to the condiments station by the exit. Suddenly I heard these same two employees, behind the pastry counter, getting into quite the little spat. Things were exculating pretty quickly over the cupcake count in the self serve case. I stood frozen for a second - with multiple thoughts racing into my head.

These sweet ladies now arguing, had always put on a happy face to the customers, and it was very clear in that moment, they absolutely were not happy in this job. I wondered how does one come to the place in life to find it necessary to annihilate each other - over cupcakes. Their exchange of words make it clear - they HATE this job. Since these two gals have worked in this store for years, is it possible they are also creating a life they hate? That was a sobering thought.

How does one arrive at a place late in their career and realize - I am creating a future that I am going to hate? We all know people that seem to have arrived at this dreaded destination.

I envision a time line with a past marked with black dots marking milestones. All these dots representing strategic decisions that we make through out our lives. Decisions that may seem innocent or even irresponsible at the time, but never connecting the dots to a future that we will hate.

Choosing to spend more than our income, choosing to eat more calories then we can possibly burn, choosing to keep showing up for the job we hate, choosing to ignore our child's terror like behavior, choosing to pretend that our relationships are good enough. All these little dots in life that we pretend will resolve themselves - add up. They are like stones that pave the way to a future we are simply going to hate.

It doesn't have to end this way. God only know the potential we can tap into if we determine that we wanted to be intentional in creating a future we love.