In a Sea of Mediocrity

In a Sea of Mediocrity

Two people die every day from an opioid overdose in my State. These are people who were desperately trying to escape and finally succeeded. It would seem they can not catch a glimpse of a brighter future for themselves. 

We need to start a conversation surrounding our future. The future is something different then the present. I believe we have to be intentional in creating something new now in order to make a better future. Because our present seems to be something a lot of people seek to escape from. Somewhere we took a wrong turn. 

Peter Thiel shares some riveting words in his book Zero to One.  "Unless we invest in the difficult task of creating new things, companies will fail in the future, no matter how big their profits remain today. What happens when we have gained everything to be had from the old lines of business we have inherited? Unlikely as it sounds, the answer threatens to be far worse than the crises of 2008, today's so called best practices lead to dead ends. The best paths are new and untried. In a world of gigantic administrative bureaucracies both public and private searching for a new path might seem like hoping for a miracle. Actually if business is going to succeed we are going to need 100's or even 1000's of miracles. This would be depressing but for one crucial fact - humans are distinguished from other species by their ability to work miracles." I have a conviction that we are connected to a Source where those miracles originate. Each one of us have access to that Source, always.  

The question begs to be asked, are we creating a future that we are going to hate or love? 

When we continue to live in a sea of mediocrity. We end up in a future we are going to most likely hate.  But when we choose to seek to partner with our Source, perhaps it is our very soul within us, there is possibility for assistance.  Assistance in creating something new, something that will take us to a different place then the present, and give us an opportunity to create a beautiful future.  It would seem if we are living in a world where it seems evident that we are going to need 1000's of miracles to create a future we will love, we might should start determining best practices to tap into the miraculous.