No Matter What Happens ~ We Survive

No Matter What Happens ~ We Survive

I was listening to a podcast where Carol Bowman was a guest.  These are her incredible thoughts that captured my attention:

If life continues after death, and a part of our personal consciousness continues. No matter what happens we survive in some form.  When you really look at the evidence out there  - it is pretty overpowering. 

To those who are doubters - you will never be able to produce enough evidence to convince a skeptic. No amount of evidence is enough because what they want isn't to be found in evidence.

Because, what I want is to let go of fear and control. I am looking for absolute certain evidence that will tell me I can let go - then I will not have to do this as an act of faith and courage! But it doesn't work that way. 

If not evidence - what has to happen to someone for them to accept the reality of this? What can happen in your life that compels you to let go?  Do you want to go the route of a personal experience - usually arriving in some form of a loss to wake you up?  Do you want to obliterate your pretenses of your life - something that dismantles all the variables.  When that happens the evidence that was once insufficient becomes almost unnecessary.  

As the structures of civilization falls apart, as there jobs lose the ability to support them, as their children struggle to make their way, all of this makes the effort to hold on to your old reality futile. 

If we would simply ask the spirit for confirmation, we will receive it - for me it took the loss of everything to be open to even seek the spirits guidance, for me to become curious. There were too many walls to be able to see the landscape where the spirit resides.  

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Photo by Miguel Bruna