Being Stuck is a part of life. It needs to be a part of life. 

When people are riding high and have it all together, they may not readily share with us their seasons of being stuck.  Being stuck sucks.  It is not impressive to share about those times that suck. When you are stuck, you are not spotlight worthy. The spotlight is for the heroes and legends. 

Being stuck feels bad, what would feel better is, if we could be on a pedestal declaring our ONE THING that we are focused on.

Being stuck is not all bad, it needs to exist. In fact we need to have more conversations around the subject. It is a part of everyone's story, every pedestal's foundation has remnants of overwhelm and failure and straight up STUCK-NESS. 

To be clear, being Stuck means ... you don't know what to do, so you find yourself trying something random, tinkering, some people brilliantly call this an experiment. Experimenting allows you to mess up and to play around with the components of what will gain traction in creating something into a thing, perhaps your ONE THING. 

Whatever it is that replaces your "don't know what to do" phase, has got to hold your attention, intention and give you a reason to catapult yourself out of the bed and into daily action. THIS kind of revelation is not going to be a lightning bolt moment. 

Now, what no one wants to talk about in the conversation around being stuck, is how long it lasts. The process has its own time line, no matter how you try to wrangle it into suppression, submission or omission, it rules the time space continuum. 

So how is one to triumph in the grip of Stuckness? Understand stuck is the yen to success yang. Everyone goes through it. You will come out the other side of it. 

Embracing the fact that you have no idea what to do is the first step on a path that includes moving, taking action, exploring what feels right, what feels wrong, observing and adjusting, having expectations that things are not going to work, they are not supposed to work, yet. And you are okay with all of that because that is the path to uncovering what you DO WANT TO DO. For you, you have a problem to solve for our world, you have delight to deliver and you have a group of people waiting, for you. 

Instead of hiding it, tell us about it, the whole stuck process of experimenting, doubt, tears, happy spaces and the scary places.  Own the reality of not knowing and what it feels like acting in the face of not knowing.  

None of this season is a failure unless it doesn’t move you forward, from the unknown to the known. 

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash