You Are Not The Boss of Me

You Are Not The Boss of Me

My mind is seeking to feel in control or at least to make me feel I am in control of an exterior world. A world that I truly have zero control over. I only have control over how I feel about it. My mind does not want me to be too uncomfortable, too shocked by the reality of my lack of control, how exposed I am, the raw vulnerability I live in. 

If we saw things how they really truly were, we would live differently. We would live awake to our opportunity and responsibility, we would task our mind to find ways to be more energetic, provide us more fuel, to think bigger, larger, to watch and learn. Instead, in my blindness, the mind is tasked with Defense. I demand it to keep me safe, protect me from the cruelty and insanity of this unknown world. 

In pretending I am holding my world together, I am masking the reality that I am trying to hold myself together.

How do you stop this pattern that we are so accustomed to?

It starts by remembering you are the witness to this mind, you are the BOSS of this mind. Stop negotiating with your mind. You take responsibility, assume your throne and grant the power to hold your world together to the entity that is perfectly suited for the role - the SACRED.  Greater is the sacred inside of me than whatever might be in the outside world.  Do you capture the grandness of this concept? It allows one to move from shrinking inside, with all this imagined safety and security from our protective mind, to declaring that we have something superior to what is in the scary unknown. 

You have viewed yourself, attached your very identity to this mind that thinks these thoughts. This tiny mad mind is not who you are. YOU, sit behind and above this organ with a voice, and you witness, watch, care. Yes, care for the wellbeing of this precious organ that has served you so bravely, for you are the witness and leader of the mind and all the other parts that compose the symphony of you. You have access to it all your organs, your mind and your sacred creator. What shall one do with all of this power?

Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash