Creating Reality

Creating Reality

The first time someone 'advised' me with the catchy little phrase: "You Create Your Own Reality," I wanted to hurl something of great magnitude across the room, to make a scene, to destroy something unabashedly, really really make a huge statement. I wanted to display a physical action towards the Universe, expressing my conviction that this concept is disgusting.

The advice was from my coach in my darkest hour.

How could anyone offer up this 'accusation' in a time when one's worst fears are coming to past?

I am not going to sugar coat this, it took me a couple of years, to allow myself to chase down the misery that "You Create Your Own Reality" triggered inside of me. Why did it well up such disgust? How can one think this? How does one arrive at this conclusion, is it a universal conviction?

Life has pain. There are bad days, really really bad days. There are seasons where sacrifice is demanded, things are not hunky dory. People leave, someone dies, chaos ensues. Money takes wings and flies away. We attach ourselves to bad ideas, poor choices, and indeed, we may be seemingly incapable of making the right decision.

Did we create this or just fall on hard times?

Here are my thoughts...

I believe we came to earth on purpose, with purpose. There is something bigger going on here, then our meager little lives, way bigger. I also believe that this purpose for which we came, drives everything that happens in our life. We spend our days running from it, searching for it or finding and executing on it. It seems that we are at our happiest when we are executing on it.

I volunteer my own self for an example. Why am I here? What is the purpose? I have asked this of the Divine over the last few years. Okay, so 'ask' is too polite a word, I joke that I might have given God a black eye in wrestling this out of Him.

I can reflect on a particular theme that continually shows up in my life. It parades through in different forms, but in my heart, I can recognize the pattern. Why does this theme keep popping up? I have also noticed as I age, the theme becomes more dramatic. I chose to ignore the kinder, gentler version of it dancing around. I prefer to be bulldozed over with my lessons just to make sure I grasp the gravity of its nature.

There is also the reality of the choice of the people we do life with. We have to live with the drama and the themes they engage in. My life intersects with their drama. I have concluded there are no accidents. I can't see how the Universes design allows for such. It seems to be a splendidly running machine, set in motion to a precise, delicate balance, where accidents don't seem to happen in the cosmos. So I make the assumption the same goes for us down here on planet Earth.

Now let's jump from the physical plane to the mental plane. Our thoughts seem to exist apart from us. The thoughts we have are not specifically OUR property, OUR thoughts. They are the same thoughts most everyone has. We share the same thoughts. We get to choose which thoughts we want to focus on - which consequently attaches us to those very thoughts. As these thoughts gain momentum from our focus, they tend to spin up into creating something very real in our lives. We live in the aftermath of the trail our thoughts blaze.

So back to this popular little phrase, "We create our own reality." Between our themes we refuse to course correct, and others drama we are swept up in, and attaching ourselves to thoughts. It would seem there is a case for our direct involvement in how our lives play out. I can commit to seeing that we have allowed our reality to evolve, played a big part in what was present too, and often times it evolved into something unimaginable?

But what if we take this information and decide that we are going to use it for our good. What if we chose to become self-aware of our themes and be intentional in learning and changing as a result of this self-reflection? What if we decided actually to orchestrate our life from an innovative mindset?

When you permit yourself the luxury of fantasizing about what it is you truly desire, with this focused act, you set into motion the energy required for manifesting your heart's desire. Until you give free expression to the vision you keep secret, it cannot be released to create itself. So what is up with that?

Does vision come naturally for you? Do you feel you are worthy of a vision? When you operate your life from the mindset of unworthiness, you are withdrawing critically needed energy from the process. The feeling of unworthiness leads to never daring to ASK for what you truly want out of life. You are literally robbed of your heart's desire. Perhaps you are afraid you will be disappointed? Then disappointment is guaranteed, and you indeed have created this very real reality.

I have moved past the disgust and have begun to embrace acceptance. There is a level of responsibility that must be acted upon. An obligation of examination of one's life, to know my themes and shut down the consequences I continually navigate due to my avoidance of dealing with these themes. I am also accountable for my response to my reality. My personal belief that there are no accidents opens me up to something bigger. Bigger than me. Everything going on here is not about me, I can choose to like, dislike, or even be disgusted by something, my opinion only serves to make me pleased or miserable. I am not the one keeping this machine of life running. I don't know another human's themes, I don't know their journey that must be traveled to wholeness. I do know I have the power to delay, interrupt, and derail it, though. Do I want this responsibility? My refusal to see life in this new way creates a miserable reality for me. I have lived this out. This is true for me. What is true for you?

Photo by Random Institute on Unsplash