Space For Impossibility

Space For Impossibility

We live in an age where positivity, affirmations and motivational quotes abound. Your social feed is probably full of these. These platforms have given us an outlet to spout off great words that hopefully have lost their impact on us. While standing in lines, waiting for an appointment, or scrolling during a commercial advertisement, we are encouraged to believe we can do anything, dream big, be happy. Are we numb to these words? Do they seep in? 

I mean do we actually know HOW to accomplish ANYTHING? Do we believe we are capable of this? Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie are great resources to influence this topic. Both have moved from impossible situations into spectacular stories of possibility. So I vote we value their insight. Here is what I have learned from their real life experience. 

First, everything, every single little thing, was impossible at some point in its past. Isn't that remarkable? Imagine at one point we could not walk, we could not feed ourselves, caring for our basic needs mandated our need for another human's intervention. These first few months of human existence are filled with so much impossibility and yet we evolved into possibility quite naturally. 

Impossibility inhabits a space. We would do well to observe this as a literal space. AND, it is a space that does not hold our presence. It is as if we can see a neon sign flashing NO VACANCY over its dedicated space. 

Giving impossibility its dedicated space is a critical pivot in our mindset. When we acknowledge that we are here - in the land of possibility and we know possibilities borders... this makes us smart, very smart.  So currently we exist within the boundaries of possibility. This is familiar and comfortable. We know what this looks like. 

Next, walk to the edges, get comfortable walking the boundaries of your possibility property lines. Oftentimes our comfort exists right in the center of possibility, we don't like edge living. So start stretching your comfort zones outward, to the edges. 

When someone says, 'anything is possible'. Well of course, anything is possible, but what does that mean to you? What is possible for you? What do you want to be possible? You have to know what you want. So when you are standing on the edges of what you have (possibility land) and you look over that property line... what do you see? What is over there in that land of impossibility? How could you put all that space to use? It is just sitting vacant, waiting for someone to come in and inhabit - take ownership of the space. Perhaps it adjoins your possibility property for a reason? 

So how does one armor up with when moving into new territory? Your mind is going to use a big blank canvas of impossibility to start filling it up with its practical advice. In all its practicality you have to wise up and deploy some of your own R & D {Research & Development}. Ask of your mind's practical {limiting} thought - IS IT TRUE? Maybe it is true in your current land of possibility, but is it true for this new space you will moving over into? Do you personally have all the information you need to say beyond doubt- THIS IS TRUE? Then go a step deeper beyond truth and ask yourself how does it make you feel? Do you feel good about this TRUTH? What is the worst that can happen? Is this 'worst' event - big enough to take me out - annihilate me? 

We are better at this little mind ninja trick than we think. How many times have we threatened (fantasized) of taking drastic action to prove a point in the heat of a stressful day? We don't - we realize our complete exasperation can be reeled in, and it might be a tad dramatic to run away from home at 40. 

The truth is people who are not living in new and invigorating places in the landscape of life ... have avoided R & D. Avoided the edges. Avoided walking the border of possibility. Avoided exploring the impossibility butting up against their property line. Passion and purpose seem to dance on the edges, where life lives you rather than being smack dab in the middle of living life.

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Photo by Patrick Baum on Unsplash