A Modern Approach To Spiritual Empowerment


The Sacred Agency provides accountability in
Unlocking Human Potential and Living It Boldly...

Embracing strengths, curiosity,
emotional intelligence and story, resulting in knowing
exactly what you really want to happen. 

What you already know and what you are already capable of, most likely, will not take you to new places. What happens when you face the reality that you have cashed in on every advantage of fine tuning, tweaking and applying best practices and nothing has really changed for the better?
The answer ... faced with the complexity of our current professional landscape, if you are going to succeed in business and actually create something that people love, you are most likely going to need to tap into the miraculous.  
Here is the exciting part, we as humans are actually wired for creating miracles.

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Three stages of evolution of Self Awareness: 
First Stage:  We Create Suffering
There is a touch of insanity to that reality, but we as humans have an uncanny ability to conjure thoughts that foster fear and unreasonable doubts, that stop us cold in our ambitions.  
Second Stage: We Research Suffering
A big aha moment in life that leads to a better future is to realize that suffering is a part of Life and we have the ability to navigate that suffering.  Avail yourself to uncovering what triggers suffering in your life. Learn what you need to know to blow past the fear and doubts that keep you small. 
Third Stage: We End Suffering
You want to make an impact, to leave evidence that you were here.  When you are on a mission to end suffering, you are alive and showing up with an agenda to create something that gives a group of people a platform to live boldly.

The meaning of Life is to be found in unlocking your human potential and living that potential boldy.

I Am Delisa ...

For over 34 years I have created amazing places for people exploring the spiritual side of life, serving as a pastor and spiritual mentor.  As a sacred professional I was a researcher, spending my adult life studying and implementing personal development programs and purpose driven approaches to life, all packaged with a deep desire to bring into existence a very much needed modern approach to Spirituality.  

And then it all changed.  In the midst of a tremendous season of loss, I descended into a Absence of Life experience, questioning every thing I knew to be true and upending my belief systems.  I determined that I would devote myself to the alleviation of the suffering that this type of chaos injected into one's world.  I knew I had to break the cycle of creating suffering and transition into deep research on how one can interrupt this pattern of chaos.

I embarked on making available this empirically based research, The Sacred Way, in hopes of allowing others the incredible opportunity to embrace resilience and defy mediocrity.   This work is focused on the elements surrounding unlocking human potential and living that potential boldly. 

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Providing A Modern Approach to Spiritual Empowerment

There are two questions I find we are consistently processing,  "What is it you want to happen?" and "What do I do next?" I believe there is a spiritual disconnect driving this unsettledness. The lack of clarity as to what you want out of life can often be traced back to the soul.  Clarity is rooted in what you know to be true about you, your purpose, why you are on this earth.  You know the ambiguity robs you of the results you really want and ransacks your business pursuits.  Perhaps your life dream lured you with it's promise of freedom but now you feel a slave to what you know deep down inside is a broken model. Your Creator has an opinion about how you show up in the world and what you pour your efforts into.  A modern approach to Spirituality connects the dots between the spiritual side of things and your personal and professional life. We call it The Sacred Way,  a path carved out of a personal pilgrimage. After all, where there is no vision, you suffer.

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