For Those Who Have
Given Up On God


I show people a sacred way to feel closer to God.

I'm a former Pastor of 34 years who understands the vacuum a collapsed faith system can create and the craving for some sense of God in your life.  

Oftentimes people think that when you talk about spirituality you are talking about God, this being way out in the universe. To me, spirituality is talking about something inside of you. I whole heartedly stand by a desire to walk away from the God “out there” in the universe. Give up on that God. It makes no sense to incorporate a God “out there” into the chaos of our world “right here”. What I can’t ignore, is this longing inside of me, at my core, that longs to connect deeply to something spiritual. I can’t give up on the pursuit of that connection.
— Delisa Toole

The Sacred Way Starts Here

The way to feel closer to God

sits at the intersection of your everyday moment by moment life, the visible side of our world, and the invisible mystery of God and where He fits into it all.  When you begin to explore the hidden places that the spiritual is inhabiting, waiting for an invite to enter into your visibility, life can begin to unfold in an incredibly meaningful way. It is a way to transcend the catastrophe of living in a world of good and evil.  


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